679 // the compulsion of hope // #poemoftheday #advent #5lines

when the darkness
hope compels me
to cling to Love,
for he will light my lamp.



678 // dear Love (an evening prayer) // #poemoftheday #advent

some days I wrestle the words, other days the words wrestle me…


dear Love,
come dwell again with me.

dear Love,
come win my heart to thee.

dear Love,
displace the fear in me.

dear Love,
in grace my sovereign be.

dear Love,
your love is all I seek.


676 // an advent meditation // #poemoftheday #advent

was there ever such a king?
who in love came down
from upon his lofty throne,
and took upon himself a role
no man could own –
to defang death
and steal its sting,
and break the power
of the grave.

resolute stumbled Love
up cross marked hill;
given wholly to his father’s will,
the god-man gave his offering,
and drank to the dregs
the cup of suffering.

and now we look in hope
for Love to come again,
for redemption’s song
to sound its last refrain;
of kingdom come,
of peace on earth,
of good news to us all,
of darkness giving up its hold,
as the night gives way to dawn.

come Love, come.