071 // on prayer + grief // #100daysofascent

grief taught me prayer
doesn’t have to be articulate,
it can stumble off my lips,
or catch in my throat,
or throb unspoken on my tongue,

and Love will still gather them close –
catching every aching gasp,
every half-formed cry,
every cuss filled sentence
that tears the cloying air to shreds.

precious are the prayers he holds,
more precious still, the ones that rise
from shattered depths,
and in the darkness, wait in hope again.



066 // encounter // #100daysofascent #100daycreativechallenge

angry words hurled and shattered,
the morning hours crashed
and tinkled down around our ears,

soft hearts left bruised and battered,
then shame swept through –
a second storm in the aching aftermath.

but we are still here,
held by love,
which somehow covers over
a multitude of sins;
forgiveness, which
leads us back to each other;
new mercies, to begin again;

and in the broken mess of it,
we encounter grace.