100 // blaze // #100daysofascent #100daycreativechallenge

awaken a
fierce love in me.

I want to blaze
for you.



099 // the bitter-sweet // #100daysofascent #100daycreativechallenge

when the sadness lodges inside me,
an unwelcome visitor
staining every moment
a painful shade of melancholy,

I remind myself I hold a universe inside,
and there is room for joy there too;
my ribs encompass the fire and fury of
collapsing stars, the tremulous beginnings
of new life emerging, and the vast silences
that hold it all gently in the darkness.

it is the bitter-sweet of living.
in me they meet –
the light and the shadow,
the sorrow and the joy,
and I am learning to embrace them,
entwined within me,
without diminishing either.

my hopeful sorrowing heart is open.


095 // this hope // #100daysofascent #100daycreativechallenge

when depression whispers its bitter lies,
tells me, I am alone, unknown, forgotten –

I rest my hope on this:
Love has chosen me for his dwelling place,

to inhabit every room and
chamber of my heart,

to walk alongside me down
the weary, wandering paths of my days,

and yes –
to even sit here in the darkness with me
as long as it takes for me to know his light,

for where I am, there he is also,
for he is faithful.


092 // Elaine // #100daysofascent #100daycreativechallenge

she was incandescent,
undimmed until the end

she, whose legacy was love,
shone ever brighter

as the day approached.
and oh, how she lived!

with an open-hearted generosity
that brought out our god-colours,

and drew out our gold;
she wore kindness like a cloak,

faithfulness like a crown,
and pointed to Love with every breath.

vale, lovely Elaine,
until we meet again, shine on!